Healthy clean teeth

A healthier smile in just 25 minutes.
           No appointment needed. Ever.

Efficient dental exams

A dental exam in just 15 minutes.
           No appointment needed. Ever.

Prevention focused

Your oral hygiene the other 363 days matters more.
        We focus on prevention and guidance.

Quick Polish ($39)


Think of this as the best part of your pre-date ritual or before your next job interview

Members have the option to drop by for a 15-minute polish by our Board-Certified Assistants to polish those surface stains off.

Assessment ($79)


Let’s actually spend some time to get from point A to point B.

Our Board-Certified Dentists will explain simply and in a way that may even feel revolutionary.

Together we will establish a health plan tailored to your needs.

X-Rays ($39)

(88% less radiation)

No one likes extra radiation. Our digital x-rays and rectangular collimator reduce radiation up to 88%. Our x-ray recommendations are only based on disease risk.

This is one time we can all agree that less is more.

Cleaning ($89)


There isn’t much that feels better than after a cleaning.

Cleanings reduce inflammation and cavity causing bacteria and stains.

Don’t have time for an assessment? Let’s at least focus on the cleaning this time.